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Vinyl Records - Psychobilly

Great Psychobilly album titles released on Diablo Records, check out the new releases from Klingz & Ricochets 7". We have some great deals on Lps for only £8. 

Diablo Records - The Label -Part 1

I started the record label in 2007 with my 1st release "One man Freakshow" by Guitar Slingers. It was also my own 1st band but instead of looking for a label I decided to release it myself. I owned a recording studio in Camden Town and I used to get a lot of #Psychobilly bands passing through so I offered to help them by using the label as a stepping stone for them so bands could get shows etc no one usually gives an unsigned band a show so Diablo Records was there to help this was my mission. The studio was in a perfect place Camden Town and I had so many calls wanting to book the place because of its location I decided to switch the phone off and just work with bands I liked this also gave me the space to record my own stuff with other like-minded musicians etc
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