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Womens Hoodies

Gothabilly/Psychobilly girls clothing - Womens hoodies

A selection of Psychobilly Girls clothing printed on T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies and the latest vinyl record releases from Psychobilly bands on Diablo Records Uk label. 

If you're a Psychobilly, Rockabilly or Garage Punk fan, we have some of the best graphic artists here at The Wrecking Pit designing the latest Horror and fun-based Psychobilly designs. We have just introduced the embroidered Polo shirt for men and women. These shirts are neat dress and the stitching is fangtastic. We have also launched the latest Psychobilly bands collection.

Psychobilly is a style of dress that is derived from the music genre of which it draws its namesake. The fashion trend, much like the genre, takes most of its influence from the Rockabilly and Rock and Roll styles of the 50s, as well as the styles born out of the more recent Punk oriented movements of the 70s


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